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There was hardly a time when human beings did not dream of flying. Rise up in the air and leave your earthly troubles behind.
The experience of hot air ballooning is unique and very different from sitting in a plane: there is no engine noise, no vibrations, you are not squeezed into a small cabin, you breethe fresh air and float with the wind gently over rooftops, fields and forests. You can hear the dogs bark, see deer and other wildlife, smell freshly harvested fields and see the children wave to us.

We also like ballooning because we meet many happy people: the pilot and crew are happy because they can do their favorite sport, the guests are happy because they have a wonderful experience, the people at the landing site enjoy us dropping in, and the children have fun helping with the pack up.

We cannot fly every day. Hot air ballooning is highly weather-dependent. High winds and any kind of precipitation prevents us from going up. These conditions and the longer days are the reasons why the main ballooning season starts in early May and ends in November.

As a balloonist you have to rise early. We usually start shortly after sunrise or about 2 hours  before sunset to avoid thermal air instability caused by the sun. A colorful sunrise or sunset from a hot air balloon can be wonderful.

We usually start from a nice place in s-Hertogenbosch, near a famous restaurant. But we know other interesting locations all over Holland and Belgium.

We fly with big balloons over comfortable sized baskets, we serve you with individual attention with a maximum of six people on board. Rate: €155 per person.

You want to make a private balloon flight? We charge you €495 for two people or €695 when you are with four.

We offer you the traditional champagne toast and a flight certificate to prove your adventure! Fly with us!

Call +31 73 6142684 or +31 654 793510.


We speak English, Latvian, Russian and Ukrainian.

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